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Indigenous Rootz in Modern Afro-Asiatic Culture:IFÁ & Àràbà Ẹlẹ́buìbọn

Indigenous Rootz in Modern Afro-Asiatic Culture with Àràbà Ẹlẹ́buìbọn

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Indigenous Rootz in Modern Afro-Asiatic Culture:IFÁ & Àràbà Ẹlẹ́buìbọn

LECTURE ON IFÁ ÒRÌṢÀ RITUAL & TRADITIONAL AFRICAN CULTURE IN THE MODERN WORLD:  Saturday, June 4, 2016 from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM (CST) WHERE The McKenna Museum of African American Art  2003 Carondolet St. New Orleans, LA 70130TICKETS https://goo.gl/x1HRHI  

Thousands of people desire to see Àràbà Ifáyẹmí Ẹlẹ́buìbọn on his first visit in over 30 years to the United States of America.  For those, this trip will be too short and so sweet.  Over the course of one Summer month, this most humble, highly skilled and world renown IFÁ Priest, Dignitary, Author and Cultural Icon, will tour the United States of America.  His tour will start in New York, NY then move through Columbia & Charleston, S.C.; Oakland & Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; New Orleans, LA;  and finally Atlanta, GA.  Àràbà Ifáyẹmí Ẹlẹ́buìbọn will meet Indigenous people who live the medicine provided by IFÁ.  He will be available to conduct IFÁ consultations, and IFÁ and Òrìṣà initiations; training (for initiates/priests and non-initiates); lectures and media interviews for both public and private individuals.  All surrounding cities and states are welcome to attend public events.   

Even if you are not among those who will see the Àràbà in person, you can still make his visit a time of spiritual awakening and cultural repatriation by following the suggestions below. 

Take part as a "Virtual Awo" with prayers to the Most High while the Àràbà makes his way to more than half a dozen different locations.  Learn more about the places Àràbà Ifáyẹmí Ẹlẹ́buìbọn will visit by following his journey.Become "Àràbà Ifáyẹmí Ẹlẹ́buìbọn literate" by reading his book  "The Healing Power of Sacrifice.  Stay up-to-date and read insightful commentary by connecting with the only news source founded and supported by IFÁ Babalawos & Iyanifas in the USA.
Have an Àràbà Visit Watch Party!  The New Orleans events will be live streamed in English.  Select events will also be available for video on demand. Respond to Àràbà Ifáyẹmí Ẹlẹ́buìbọn's call to enounter by reaching out to those in need, supporting community charitable efforts, acting to promote life, human dignity, families and religious freedom, and by caring for creation.  Invite a non-initiate friend to watch this so they can experience the energy of IFÁ! Engage in social media: use our hash tags #Àràbà Ifáyẹmí Ẹlẹ́buìbọn Support the many people working to make Àràbà Ifáyẹmí Ẹlẹ́buìbọn's historic USA visit a success by praying for them. Include in your intentions: their staff and volunteers and the host Awos and host cities.
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